NORSK Amenities

Outdoor Hot Pools, Cold Plunges, Saunas, Massage, Steam Room, Relaxation Areas, Bistro Restaurant, Biergarten and so much more.

The 11,000 SF main building will house the guest reception, orientation, and readiness areas, as well as the massage rooms. The bistro and indoor portion of the Biergarten are also located here.

The heart of the experience requires outdoor thermal baths including two hot pools, one cold pool, and a cold plunge, two saunas, and one steam room.

Public dozing is encouraged and there are multiple places to do that: chairs around crackling outdoor fires, private nooks for couples with flickering torches, hypnotic rocking chairs, private macramé cradles, heated hammocks, conditioned Yurts, and the relaxation platform over Frog Creek. You choose between silent or social areas.

The on-site Bistro and Biergarten offer local brews, ciders, and wines, as well as farm-to-table dishes sure to satisfy every appetite from light to hearty.

There are twelve massage rooms that should be reserved in advance due to the popularity of this service.

Separate areas for private groups are available.

How It Works

• Capacity of the spa is 200 people who will be admitted on a first-come-first served basis
• Hours of operation are 9am-9pm for one-day pass fee of $75
• A day pass offers unlimited access to pools, saunas, and relaxation areas
• Towels and a bathrobe are included for on-site use.
• Schedule a massage for an additional fee and with a reservation. The reservation will assure you access to the spa in time for your appointment.
• Enjoy locally sourced foods and locally-sourced wine, cider or beer at a reasonable cost
Sanitation and cleanliness are uncompromising.

Thermal Cycle

• Hot for 10-20 minutes
• Cold for 10 to 15 seconds
• Relaxation for 20 minutes
• Repeat as desired recommended three cycles