The NORSK business plan and pro forma are available upon request. Please email us: norsk@norskspa.com

People are increasingly becoming more interested in and concerned about whole-body well-being, especially 21-40 year-olds. Many expect more time away from work, more time with their friends, and more opportunities to rejuvenate.

Secondly, the pandemic has made Americans want to be out in nature more, as evidenced by the shortage of supply of almost all outdoor recreation equipment and the crowds at outdoor recreation areas. Emerging from the lockdown, Americans are eager to be back in social settings but are more cautious about crowded, indoor venues.

Traditional American spas that offer ranges of individual services are highly popular already.

The larger Canadian Nordic Spa operators have been attempting to break into the Boston, NYC and Washington, DC markets. Lack of local knowledge and the price of real estate has made their ventures unsupportable.

It took the owners of NORSK, who have lived in the local area for the last 15 years, about two years to find land that was properly zoned and accessible.

Maybe.  To over-generalize, Americans are known to be highly individualistic, Europeans and Canadians more socially integrated.  But our 21-40 somethings are starting to prioritize differently, as evidenced by all kinds of things like ride-sharing, less propensity to move around for jobs than a decade ago, and a declining birth rate.

Still, should Americans not feel comfortable wandering around outside in public in bathrobes, for example, we are prepared to adjust as we go.  We are confident that the basic model is so rejuvenating that everyone who visits will be delighted.

It’s cold a lot of the year in upstate New York, too. But in any event, the busiest outdoor spa time of the year in Quebec are the warm summer months.

34,000 in the first year; the second year we expect 50,000 and the third year at 60,000

$75 per day, which includes towels and a bathrobe.

Capacity is 200 people at any one time, with turnovers of twice that on the busiest of days, Saturdays and Holidays. One of our consultants is a Strom founder, who has provided us with much of our data, so we have a good model of what to expect.

We are seeking investors who love this concept- the idea of technology-free relaxation and a place that friends can gather to enjoy time together.

We offer a much higher-than-competitive rate of return with a short payback period, so we are seeking investors who are looking for a quick gain and the opportunity to invest again when the next one is built.

Our architects are from Montreal and have built five similar-sized Nordic Spas in the past 5 years.

Our consultant is a founder of one of the major Nordic Spa companies in Quebec, having built their last spa in Old Quebec City, costing over $20,000,000.

To provide a unique outdoor wellness and relaxation experience that brings guests to NORSK time and time again, to enjoy relaxation, and rejuvenation with family and friends.

Yes! For food, we intend to partner with local farms to provide as much local meat and vegetables as possible, anchoring the menu on what is available during that season. For beverages we will feature local breweries and wineries, rotating the selection based upon season and interest.